Friday Night Action

March 23rd,

Our first Friday Night Quads drew FM Nelson Castaneda and high school student Brian Bongiovanni to compete in a match against NM Ian Harris and CCFC Director Melvin Patrick respectively. The first match between Castaneda and Harris was a tense affair. Castaneda was looking to improve his recent streak against Harris, while Harris looked to hold get revenge for their previous encounters. Castaneda won the first game and got an early opening advantage in the second game. Just as it looked as though Harris was in over his head, he created a nice mating attack to go for the win. Castaneda defended well and the game ended in a draw. Finally, after a marathon 2nd round game, Castaneda won the third game quickly after the exhausted Harris made a mistake early in the opening.

The match between Patrick and Bongiovanni was also very interesting. Would the student be able to take on the former teacher in a head -to-head competition? Unfortunately for Bongiovanni, he still has work to do as Patrick was able win the first game after a complicated king and pawn endgame. Patrick showed no mercy and struck again in the second round. With that Patrick won the match with a perfect score!

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