Dream Team v. Reality Checks


This Sunday the Dream Team faced their toughest challenge of the season against the DJA Reality Checks. The Reality Checks not only had some very experienced players but also had a large squad. With the white pieces, the Reality Checks cruised to a 9 – 5 victory in round 1. Being in the unfamiliar position of needing a comeback to win the match, the Dream Team did just that in masterful fashion, winning the second round 11 – 3 and thus securing victory by a score of 16 – 12. Dream Team players Jason Lessing, Shivang Kapoor and Alexander Zhelonkin as well as Reality Checks players Marco Paoletta, Giuliano Paoletta and Parker Sinclair each won all of their games for their teams. As always, players from both teams should be proud for the incredible sportsmanship demonstrated by all of the players in both victory and defeat.