Sat. G/45 Quads


This week's Saturday G/45 Quads were made up of 6 sections. In the first Section, Eugene Ulyanov and Alex Eydelman tied for first place with 2/3 total points each.

In the second section Andrew Dexter tied in his last round and thus ending with 2.5/3 total points.

Evan Helman triumphed in the third sections with 3/3 total points!

In the fourth section, Vincent Xu and Beatrice Low tied for first with 2/3 total points each.

Joseph Ho faced players with greater ratings but still won all three rounds earning 3/3 total points!

Likewise, in the final section, Bilal Memom earned 3/3 total points! Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the participants! We hope to see you soon!