Winter Quads

March 3rd,

Saturday's G30 featured a competitive 8-player Swiss. The eight players including Noah Arthurs, Hubert Herring, Melvin Patrick, Leo Bykhovsky, Lee Arthurs, Druha Karunakaran, Tyler Leite, and Matthew Chan. The games were interesting right from the start; Round 2 saw Noah Arthurs beat Bykhovsky, who was about 80 rating points higher! Then Chan and Leite also played against each other in a game which the severely underrated Leite emerged, victorious. Round 3 was the deciding factor in many of the player’s placements. In the end there was a tie for 2nd place Herring, Bykhovsky, and Patrick for 2nd place. Noah Arthurs was the victor for the night with a perfect 3/3 score! Congratulations to all!