Saturday G/45 Quads


This week's Saturday G/45 Quads hosted 36 players of all levels, in nine sections. In quad one, FM Leif Pressman clinched first, winning two of his three games. Micheal Amori and Evan Helman both ended the tournament with 2.5 points; they placed first in the second and third section, respectively.

There was a tie for first in quad four; Luis-Joshua Casenas and William Ewald shared victory. Xan Meister won the fifth quad and Ben Persily came out on top in quad six.

Hugh Kramer claimed victory in the sevent section, while Aaron Kuo and Max McAuley tied for first in quad eight. Finally, Zachary Thayer won all of his game to win the ninth quad.

Thank you to all the participants and congatulations to all the winners. We hope to see you all again soon!