Shark-Free Challenge

March 4th,

The Shark-Free Challenge involved four CCFC regulars. Rory Dougall, Ellen Rosenfield, Samuel Forfang, and Justin Jacob. In Round 1 Forfang won against Dougall while Rosenfeld also won against Jacob. The players put their best efforts through for Round 2, which ended up with Forfang and Rosenfeld winning yet another game. For Round 3, Dougall played against Jacob to decide 3rd and fourth place while Forfang faced off against Rosenfeld to determine first and second place. It ended with Jacob taking 4th place, Dougall placing 3rd, Rosenfeld making 2nd place, and Forfang making it to 1st place. Sam also crossed 900 and will surely now be looking to make the charge to 1000!