Sunday G/30 Quads


Today’s quads participants ranged from U1000 through expert, in three competitive sections. Despite the fierce competition, quad one was won with a perfect 3/3 score, a full two points ahead of the competition! Congratulations to Andrew Dexter on such a stellar performance!

Alexander Kupersmith took the sole victory in round two. Evan Helman had been keeping pace with Kupersmith, but a very tough last round draw against the youngster Max Ingargiola, placed Helman just a half point behind.

Finally, quad three was the only section of the entire weekend to have a tie for first. Colin Dean was the favorite going into the tournament, but an upset by Harikumar Palaniappan threw the section wide open. The two ended up tied for first place as Dean managed to recover nicely in the final round and Palaniappan scored a last round victory as well.

Thank you to all of our players and congratulations to all of the deserving winners!