Saturday G/45 Quads


This week's Saturday G/45 had 5 sections: 4 quads and a bottom swiss. Taking first place in the top quad was Hans Neimann with a perfect 3/3 points! Oliver Chernin and Ryan Young tied for second place with 1.5 points each!

Nathaniel Shuman won first place in the second quad also with 3 points and was closely followed by Bryan Weisz with 2 points! In the third quad, Jessica Rattray won first with 2/3 points and landing in second place was Jack Grills with 1.5 points!

The winner of quad three was Sadie Edelman with 2.5/3 points! She was followed by Sakura Laporte with 1.5 points! In the bottom swiss, Katharine Rattray landed in first with 2.5 points, but was closely followed by Adriel Alvarado with 2 points! Congratulations to all the winners and participants! See you soon!