Saturday G/45 Quads


This Saturday featured a top swiss led by rating favorites NM Ian Harris and NM Jason Shi. The almost inevitable showdown between the two took place in round two. Harris won the game and then went on to win the section 3-0. Jason Shi and Michael Bogaty tied for second place. The second section had four 1400s and was won by the bottom seeded William Ewald by the narrowest of margins (2/3 over Justin Paul and Liam Kaufman who both finished with 1.5). Quad three was sensationally won by the third seeded Brent McCreesh who won all three games to pick up over 100 new rating points!

The G/90 three weekend double round robin between Zachary Tanenbaum, Yoon-Young Kim, Dennis Li and Max Lu continued this weekend. Tanenbaum won both games, including a marathon second game, against Dennis Li, while Yoon-Young Kim won both of his games against Max Lu.