Mini-Me Parent/Child Charity Tournament


Nine parent/child pairs competed for this year’s coveted Mini-Me title. The fun began even before the first moves were played as each team selected a team name. Among the witty names were “Somos Guapos” (Wiesz) and “Knight Knight” (Marcus). After five rounds of exciting team chess, no clear winner could be found. Team “Youngsters” (Kenneth and Dylan Young) tied with the “Tough Tenacious Tanenbaums” (Rich and Zachary Tanenbaum) with 7.5/10 each. A team blitz tie-break ensued and when they remained deadlocked both teams were declared co-champions! Team “The Raging Knights” (Dietrich and Nathaniel Moor) came in clear 3rd with 7/10. In the usual spirit of the tournament 50% of the proceeds were donated to the charities of choice of the top three teams. This year’s donations went to Rook & Roll, the Red Cross, and the New Canaan Community Foundation. Thank you to everyone who participated for making this another memorable event!