Mini-Me Parent/Child Charity Tournament


Five parent/child teams participated in this year’s Mini-Me tournament. The field was incredibly strong as two veteran masters NM Oktay Kurbanov and NM Mikhail Koganov as well as near master Zachary Tanenbaum competed. After five exciting rounds, it was team “The Two Mighty K’s” (Mikhail & Leo Koganov) that took top honors with 9 out of a possible 10 points! The teams “Tough Tenacious Tanenbaums” (Zachary & Rich Tanenbaum) and “Chess Wizards” (Oktay and Nicholas Kurbanov) tied for second place with 6.5/10 each. Thanks to all of the participants for their contributions to the charities of their choices which included donations to the Red Cross, Rook & Roll, Make a Wish CT and UNICEF!