Duel Knight


There were many exciting and interesting matches at tonight's Duel Knight. Two of the matches were three games of G/30. In the first match Ryan Young defeated his opponent Bryan Weisz in the first game, but Weisz bounced back to win the next two games and the match! Conor Grogon won his match convincingly 2.5/3 against Andrew Dexter.

Meanwhile, three friendly matches also took place. Erin Strauts and Adriel Alvarado also played three G/30 games. Adriel won the first game, however, Erin was able to rally and won their final two encounters to win the match 2/3. CCFC Owner Melvin Patrick faced a determined Joshua Taht, but still managed to reel in a victory in a long series of blitz games.

CCFC regulars Eugene Ulyanov and Alex Eydelman also faced off in a blitz match with Eydelman eventually emerging victorious.