K-5 Scholastic Championships

April 22nd,

Seventeen players participated in this month’s K-5 Scholastic Championships. In the 3 – 5 section it was rating favorite Alex Huggins who emerged victorious with a perfect 4/0 score. Huggins nearly had his winning chances dashed in the 2nd round when he managed to save the game at the last minute against Samantha Aiyathurai who ended up in clear 2nd place.

The K-2 section was hotly contested. Going into the final round CCFC Dream Team member Sean Thomas was the only player with a perfect 3/0 score. Thomas lost an epic battle against CCFC newcomer Maximillian Lu, allowing him to tie for 1st. This also allowed Ryan Roderick, fresh off a week of chess camp at the CCFC, the opportunity to catch the leaders and a share of 1st place.

Congratulations to all the winners!