Saturday G/45 Quads


It was yet another exciting day of chess at CCFC with plenty of action taking place in nine quads. FM Leif Pressman was the favorite in quad one, but suffered an upset at the hands of expert Hanon Russell in round two. This set the stage for a dramatic final round as all four players were tied with one win each going into the final round. Hanon Russell drew with expert Joseph Bihlmeyer and Pressman defeated NM Oliver Chernin to take a narrow victory.

CCFC instructor Andrew Dexter was the slight favorite in quad two. After two rounds, he and Liam Kaufman were tied for the lead with 1.5/2 each. Dexter drew his last round game against Andrew Colwell. Kaufman was unable to take advantage and was defeated by Raffaello Piccoli giving Dexter the clear first place victory!

Aurelius Mlynar went undefeated in quad three to take victory with 2.5/3. After winning the first two rounds Mlynar was a clear point ahead of the field. He acquired the necessary draw to win the section outright in the final round against Eugene Ulyanov.

CCFC instructor Gabriel Borges scored a clutch win in the final round to win a very close section (by rating) with a score of 2.5/3, a full point ahead of the field. In a quad where no players were more than 60 points apart, the youngster Xan Meister scored two early wins. Despite a last round loss at the hands of Beatrice Low, Meister still managed to take clear first by a half point with 2/3.

Quad six was won by Neilson Gordon with 2.5/3. Just behind was Matthew Dinglasan with two points. Tim Liu and Zachary Thayer scored perfect 3/3 scores to win sections seven and eight respectively. Both pushed their ratings to new all time highs! Finally, Seraphina Mlynar was the winner by a full point in the ninth and final section. Congratulations to all of our winners!