Spring Team Championships


Six highly competitive teams faced off in this year's Fairfield County Fall Team Championships. Although two teams came into the tournament has heavy rating favorites, no team could be underestimated. The top seeded team 'Bachelor's Gambit' (NM Ian Harris, Bryan Weisz, Daniel Cooper, Justin Paul) on board one drew in the first round and followed it up with a loss in round 2! This allowed the defending champions 'No Draws Accepted' (NM Yoony Kim, Andrew Dexter, Leo Bykhovsky, and CCFC owner Melvin Patrick) to take over the top spot.

A series of draws by the top teams in rounds two or three set the stage for a dramatic final round. Three teams stood tied for first with 2/3 points and two teams (including 'Bachelor's Gambit' who were in the process of staging a remarkable comeback) were just behind with 1.5/2. Anything could still happen and the pressure was on!

The post mortem of the final game of the last round.

First to finish was 'Bachelor's Gambit' who completed their comeback to finish with 2.5/4. A draw between the two remaining 2/3 point teams would have led to an exciting blitz tie-breaker. As all of the games came to a close it was clear there would be no tie-breaker required as 'No Draws Accepted' won their final match to win for the second year in a row with 3/4 points!