K-8 Scholastic Championships



32 players in three sections competed in this month’s K-8 Scholastic Championships. As usual, there were many exciting encounters, examples of excellent sportsmanship and hard fought games. Our Kindergarten through 8th grade section continues to grow with 12 participants this month. Katherine Du managed to squeak out a win by half a point ahead of three other competitors.

K-8 Top 5

1st: Katherine Du
2nd: Christian Hartch
3rd: Brandon Wang
4th: Eric Stein
5th: Dylan Young

The K-5 section was especially competitive with many upsets and even more near-upsets. In the end, Brent McCreesh finished in clear first with 3.5/4.

K-5 Top 5

1st: Brent McCreesh
2nd: Ethan Cushman
3rd: Sofia Medina
4th: Benjamin Persily
5th: John Nicholson

Things were more clear-cut in the K-2 section as Deyan Kostov won all four games to earn a well-deserved first place finish.

K-2 Top 5

1st: Deyan Kostov
2nd: Sebastian Medina
3rd: Daryl Lavin
4th: Joseph Ho
5th: Nicholas Kurbanov