Saturday G/45 Quads



Today's Saturday G/45 Quads featured 7 sections with 31 players. In our first section Justin Lee came out on top with a perfect score of 3/3 points! Tanitoluwa Adewumi came in close second with 2/3 points! Jack Klein and Ethan Modi tied for first in our second section both finishing with 2/3 points.



Jerry Jin took first place in our third section with 2.5/3 points with Jasmine Su coming in close second with 2 points! In our fourth section Spencer Krex took the victory with 2 wins and one draw! Aaron Lee came out on top in the fifth section finishing with 2.5 points.


Erik Nebylovich took first in our 6th section with 2 wins and a draw and Jordy Leon came in second with 2 wins and only one loss! Our last section was a swiss and resulted in a tie for first between Mikhail Bilokin and Jack Aronian, both finishing with 2.5 points!



Thank you to all our participants and congratulations to all our winners! We hope to see you again soon!