Saturday G/45 Quads


It was a busy Saturday at CCFC. Heavy favorite FM Leif Pressman won quad one with a perfect 3/3 score! Quad two was unable to finish with a clear winner as Garrett Browning, Brandon Wang and Karthik Rao-Kalagnanam traded points and tied for first with 2/3 each. In a repeat performance from last night’s tournament, James Agerholm and Sean McGuinness tied for first with 2/3 each in quad three. There was yet another tie in quad four, this time it was between Gabriel Borges and Brent McCreesh who both finished with 2.5/3. Alexander Rolfe won quad five with a perfect 3/3 score over his closely rated rivals. Finally, for the first time we held a section with four unrated players. Christopher Stevens won convincingly with a perfect 3/3!