Friday Night Action

May 25th,

On Friday night, the Chess Club of Fairfield County hosted three highly competitive quads. The top quad featured four masters including Norwalkers Ian Harris, Daniel Lowinger and Arslan Otchiyev, as well as Dennis Prawira who returned after a year hiatus from competition. In the end it was Lowinger who triumphed, ending his recent skid by winning all three of his games!

The second and third quads were both blood baths. In quad two top seeded Melvin Patrick had a rough night, nearly losing all three games. This opened up the first place prize to the first person to seize it, however, 2nd seeded Noah Arthurs lost to Michael Morin in the second round. Arthurs recovered by beating Patrick in the final round, but not before Childs was his last two games to tie for first! Meanwhile, in the third quad, nobody made it through unscathed. David Kniffin, Richard Arnold and Lee Arthurs all traded points to finish tied for first with two points each!

Congratulations to all the winners! Don’t miss the action this week as our attendance continues to grow.