K-5 Scholastic Championships

May 27th,

21 students participated in our K-5 Scholastic Championships this past weekend. Along with several of our tournament regulars, many new faces graced the club. It was impossible to predict what the outcome would be. In the K-2 section Sam Forfang dominated, winning all four of his games and is now approaching the 1000 mark! Sophia Medina, Justin Jacob and Cyrus Pearson each scored 3 points to tie for 2nd! In the 3-5 section the competition was fierce. Brandon Wang (1200) and Nick Boer (1030) were the tournament favorites, however there were many other talents looking to make their presence known, including Terry McGrath (900) and Leo Koganov (900). However, it was Max Lu (700) who breezed through the field, defeating anyone in his way. In the end, nobody could stop him as he won the section with a perfect 4/4! For his fine performance Max earned first place and over 150 rating points! Nick Boer finished in 2nd with 3.5/4. Congratulations to everyone and we look forward to seeing you again at our June K-5