Saturday G/45 Quads



Today's Saturday G/45 Quads featured 28 players in 7 sections! In our first section James Chirilov came out on top with 2 wins and one draw, and Oliver Chernin came in close second with one win and 2 draws!


In our second section there was a four way tie between all players in the section! Ian Nicholson, Max Ingargiola, Aditeya Das and Daniel Belenky all claimed first place! In our third section Nicholas Belenky took the victory with 2.5 points, and Jasper Ho came in close second with 2 points.



In our fourth section there was a three way tie between Kyle Dong, Garrett Browning, and Vedanta Bhargava! In our fifth section Andrew Demartino came out on top with 2.5 points with Calvin Du coming in close second with 2 points! Chenxuan Ling finished first in our sixth section with all 3/3 points! Arabella Fang followed in second with 2/3 points and Mikhail Bilokin came in third with 1/3 points. In our final section Peter Zynko claimed first winning all 3 of his games! Bo Liu, Kushagra Bhargava, and Nikolas Rowland all tied with 1 point each for second place!



Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to all our participants! We hope to see you again soon!