Saturday G/45 Quads


FM Leif Pressman and NM Nicolas Checa both competed again today and ended up in a tie for first place with 2/3 each. The only decisive games of the quad came in round 2! The second section was also very strong with four experts participating. William Graif gave up only a single draw to win the section with 2.5/3. The third quad saw another tie, this time between Patrick Zhur and Jonathan Baccay who drew each other in the final round. Jonathan’s brother Christian won quad three with a perfect score, propelling him over 1600! Finally, Gabriel Borges won the final quad with a perfect 3/3 score! In addition to the usual quads, we also hosted a special two game G/90 training match for some talented youngsters. Matthew Hochberg and William Ewald both finished well with 1.5/2 each.