K-12 Scholastic Championship


Forty players competed in this month's K-12 Scholastic Championship -- nine of whom were in the K-2 section. We would like to congratulate all of today's winners starting with Benjamin Hong and Alvin Zhou, who recieved fifth and fourth place respectively, both with two points.

On tie-breaks Aryan Jangle placed third, while Luca Ghedini reached second place. Jack Aronian, going undefeated, clinched first place.

Fourteen players participate in the K-5 section. Anika Bhat placed fifth with two points; Henry Buckiewicz, Linnea Shah-Gustafsson, and Shaina Mezheritskiy placed fourth, third and second -- all with three points.

James Stewart played a flawless tourament, winning all of his games and coming out on top in first place.

Finally, seventeen competitors played in the K-12 section, making it our largest and strongest K-12 section to date. Fifth place winner, Miles Gillott; fourth place winner, Tim Liu; and third place winner, Jared Schwartz, all finished the day with two out of three points.

Finally, after drawing a blitz tiebreaker (unofficial) with a stalemate, Evan Helman placed second, while Julian Wang placed first; both players won all tournament rated games.

Congratulations to all the trophy winners and thank you to all the participants who showed great sportsmanship and tact throughout the event. We hope to see you all next month!