Saturday G/45 Quads



Today's Saturday G/45 Quads hosted 30 players in 7 sections. In our first quad Ethan Modi came out on top with a perfect score of 3/3 points! Ankit Raparthi came in second with 2/3 points, and Jasmine Su in third with 1/3 points.


In our second section Aditeya Das claimed the victory winning all three of his games! In our third section Yusuf Mansurov came out on top with 2.5/3 points followed by Max Ingargiola who came in second with 1.5/3 points! In our fourth section Shailen Smith took first with a perfect score of 3/3 points followed by Ethan Cushman who finished with 2/3 points!



In our fifth section Connor Wang finished first with 2.5/3 points followed Arabella Fang with 2/3 points and then Stanley Guttman who finished with 1.5/3 points! Our sixth section was a swiss and ended with a tie for first between Adriel Alvarado and Bo Liu, as well as a tie for second between Kannan Vaidyanathan and Christopher Jenness and a tie for third between Peter Zynko and Jack Aronian. In our last section Max Meister took first winning all three of his games!



Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to all our participants, we hope to see you again soon!