Friday Night Action

June 22nd

Twelve players competed for glory at the club last Friday night. Joining Ian Harris in the first quad were masters Ted Belanoff and Nicolas Karas, as well as William Weiss. Although Harris was the favorite on paper, the games were very tense struggles. However, in the end Harris managed to win every game to take first place!

In the second quad nobody stood out as the clear favorite. Two players, Melvin Patrick and Julian Wang, finished with undefeated scores. However Patrick claimed sole first with an extra half point, having one win more than Wang!

The third section was topsy-turvy with everyone losing at least one game. Top seeded Richard Arnold fell in the first round to bottom seeded Ken Young. Meanwhile, Dylan Young and William Alisberg drew their first round game. In the second round Ken flagged in a tough endgame against his son Dylan and Arnold and Alisberg drew. Leading going into the final round, Dylan lost to Arnold while Ken won to leapfrog Dylan into first place!

Congratulations to all of the winners!