Saturday G/45 Quads


This Saturday we hosted three quads and one swiss section. The top section, with two masters and two experts was won by NM Ian Harris with a perfect score. It looked as though a similar result would occur in the second quad. Michael Bogaty was the rating favorite. Going into the final round he was the only player with 2 points, however, Leo Bykhovsky got the upset win at the last moment, allowing CCFC Director Melvin Patrick to catch up and tie for first!

Tournament newcomer Jonathan Liew had an impressive performance, winning the third quad with a perfect score and by a two point margin! Finally, our six player swiss was a mixture of rising young stars and experienced adults. After several rounds of grueling chess games, Vladimir Kotov emerged victorious with a perfect 3/3 score, defeating two very dangerous rising stars along the way. Dennis Li and Scott Buono tied for second place, each with 2/3. Thank you to everyone to participated. We hope to see you again soon!