K-8 Scholastic Championships


This past Sunday was our June K-8 Scholastic Championships. As usual, the amount of fighting chess and good sportsmanship on display was truly remarkable. The K-2 section was won by Matthew Liew, who scored 4/4!

K-2 Top 5 Standings

1st: Matthew Liew

2nd: Daryl Lavin

3rd: Nathaniel Moor

4th: Alexander Rolfe

5th: Alexander Tu

The very competitive K-5 section was almost stronger than the K-8. The surprise winner was the 6th seeded Ambika Grover! Ambika went up against some of the strongest players, however, that did not stop her from winning all of her games!

K-5 Top 5 Standings

1st: Ambika Grover

2nd: Brent McCreesh

3rd: John Louzonis

4th: Zachary Amendola

5th: Alex Huggins

Finally, in the toughest section of the tournament, we had co-winners. In a surprise turn of events, Anna Argulian (ranked 6/7 before the tournament) tied for first place with Eric Stein with 3.5/4! Congratulations to both players on their spectacular performance.

K-8 Top 5 Standings

1st: Anna Argulian/Eric Stein

3rd: William Ewald

4th: Thomas Ewald

5th: Rishith Kyatham