Sunday G/30 Quads


Today's Sunday G/30 Quads tournament featured 2 highly competitive quads and a middle swiss section. Starting with Quad 1, MA Player Luis Baez came out on top! Baez managed to get a perfect final score of 3/3 points!

In the middle swiss section, CT Player Tyrell Staples-Santos strongly won his section with a perfect score of 3/3 points! This is his second Sunday Quad win in a row so far! MA Player Drew Jacobs followed behind, coming in second place. Jacobs scored 2/3 points, only losing against Staples-Santos. Finally, in the bottom quad, CT Player Thomas Smith also won his section with a perfect score of 3/3 points. This is also Smith's first ever tournament win at CCFC, congratulations!

Thank you to all of today’s participants, welcome to our newcomers, and congratulations to the winners!