Friday Night Action

June 29th

The thrilling action picked right up from where it left off last week at this week’s Friday Night Action. Three masters were joined by the fearless Garrett Browning (who chose to play up) in the first quad. The fists were flying in the first round as NM Ian Harris beat NM Daniel Lowinger. After a 2nd round draw, Harris and NM Josh Colas were tied going into the final round. In the end, Harris won while Colas drew with Lowinger giving Harris sole first place.

The second quad was dominated by CCFC Director Melvin Patrick, winning all three of his games! Not even the always dangerous Guy Colas could stop him in the final round. William Alisberg joined the section for the opportunity of revenge for his game last week against Dylan Young. The game was a close affair with Young taking an early material edge, but at the cost of his king safety. Ultimately Young was not able to capitalize on his material advantage before Alisberg weaved a mating net!