Summer Quads

June 30th

A very different mix of players battled it out in the top quad of this week’s Summer Quads. National Masters Daniel Lowinger and Kapil Chandran were joined by formidable experts Hanon Russell and Raffaello Piccoli. Lowinger and Chandran both showed that they were in good form by winning their first two games. In the final showdown, Lowinger ultimately triumphed over Chandran in a complex endgame.

Meanwhile, six players competed in a very tough section where nobody went unscathed. The shock of the first round was the bottom seeded Grant Wang defeated one of the favorites, Matthew Chan in the first round! After many dramatic games that came down to the last few minutes, Hubert Herring emerged with 2 points in as many rounds. In the final round he was challenged by 5th seeded Kurt Rubin. Rubin had a great tournament, finishing off with a draw against Herring and securing himself a tie for second and nearly 100 rating points!