Friday Night Quads

June 8th,

With many of our usual participants playing in the Northeast Open, this week’s quads were a bit slower than usual. Never-the-less, we hosted two highly competitive matches. The first match was between masters Daniel Lowinger and Dennis Prawira. Lowinger showed his strength and Prawira still seems to be a bit rusty after a year of no tournaments as Lowinger swept the match 3 – 0. The second match was between regular David Kniffin and CCFC Director Melvin Patrick.

Patrick was the favorite on paper, but Kniffin is always dangerous and has bested Patrick on occasion. Kniffin won the first game, but Patrick equalized in the second. In the final round showdown, Kniffin showed great stamina to win the final game! Congratulations to the winners! We look forward to the return of many of our regular players next week.