Rook & Roll Charity Fundraisers


This Saturday CCFC hosted two charity fundraisers for Rook & Roll, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization committed to funding chess programs in underserved communities. The morning started off with a Kids ChessFest, which included two hours of chess related games and activities topped off with a pizza lunch.

The kids during the "Stump the Chess Master" challenge!

The many talented youngsters answered every single question correctly during the chess trivia challenge. The kids put their teamwork on display and successfully recreated complicated positions from memory. They also successfully managed to “stump” the chess master thanks largely to the creative thinking of Julia Graham and Brent McCreesh!

The kids with their prizes!

The speed tournament portion of the day’s festivities took place in the afternoon.

The competition was very strong, with four masters and a slew of experts participating. After seven grueling rounds, NM Daniel Lowinger emerged as the clear winner with a score of 6.5/7! Expert William Graif tied for second place with two masters and won the top U2200 prize. The top U2000 prize went to Daniel Cooper, the top U1800 prize to John Twombley, and finally the top U1600 prize to Vladimir Kotov! Thank you to everyone for supporting such a great cause!