Sunday G/30 Quads


In a highly competitive top quad, FIDE Master Yoon-Young Kim, National Master Oscar Maldonado and Expert Bryan Weisz tied for first place with 2/2 each after trading points against each other. There was once again no clear winner in today's second quad.Laurence Price and Ismael Pagan shared first place with 2/3.

The first clear winner of the day was Rueben O'Neill, who won the third quad. Quad four was impressively won by the fourth seeded Alexander Mayo with perfect score and by a full 1.5 points over the next competitor! Finally, the fifth quad was won by Carl Scovens. Scovens scored the third perfect 3/3 score of the day!

As our Sunday quads continue to grow (this week with 20 players) we have good competition at all levels and we hope you will join us next week!