K-8 Scholastic Championships


This month's K-8 Scholastic Championships was, as usual, a lot of fun for all the kids who participated. They got to meet new people, play some chess, and just have fun! The tournament had many good games and everyone who participated had great sportsmanship. Thank you to everyone who helped make this tournament such a success!

There were 12 players in the K-2 section, and Graydon Leicht won first place with 4 out of 4 points! Coming in second place was Arav Ramaswamy with 3 points and behind him was Cary Wang with 2.5 points. Also with 2.5 points was Arjun Nair in fourth and in fifth was Erik Nebylovych with 2 points.

The K-5 section had 11 participants, but had some very close games and showed some great chess skills! Landing in first place with 4/4 points was Nicholas Kurbanov! Vikram Sarkar, Thomas Schiwek, and Colin Konstanty followed him in second, third, and fourth place respectively with 3 points each! Jack Klein found himself in fifth place with 2 points.

Thank you again to those who participated, those who supported the players, parents, siblings, families, and everyone else! We hope to see you all again soon!