K-8 Scholastic Championships


It was another good turnout at this month’s K-8 Scholastic Championships. As a new feature, we provided complimentary instruction for the players. CCFC instructor National Master Arslan Otchiyev was on hand reviewing games and giving pointers to the players in between rounds. His captivating style and invaluable pointers kept many of the players, and even some parents, glued to the demonstration board.

In a very strong K-8 section, it was the slight underdog Robert Ulmer who emerged victorious with a perfect 4/4. The competition was so fierce that nobody else was able to get within 1.5 points of him. Andrew Gray, Jack von Riesemann, Filip Graham and Suyash Jain finished 2nd – 5th respectively.

The 18 player K-5 section, which was nearly stronger than the K-8, was won impressively by Siraat Mustafa. There was a massive tie for second place between Alexander Kupersmith, Saskura Laporte, Zachary Amendola, Peter Liu and Giacomo Lowenstine who all finished with ¾.

The K-2 section was won by the talented Jack Cole who finished with a perfect 4/4. Dominic Mulraine, Nicholas Kurbanov, Christopher George and Jesse Chung finished 2nd – 5th .