K-12 Scholastic Championships


There were many exciting story lines across all three of today’s sections. In the K-2 section, Landau Day entered at the top of the crosstable. Despite a round three loss, he managed to win his final round game to tie for first place and win it on tie-breaks! Just behind has Leo Mancusi-Ungaro (3), Leo Canhao (2), Lance Wu (1.5) and Jonathan Piza (1.5).

Evan Alpert was the star of the K-5 section from start to finish. As a former Dream Team member, Evan now lives in China and while visiting decided to play in the tournament. It paid off big time as Evan finished with a perfect 4/4 in an incredibly competitive K-5 section. For his efforts he earned 369 new rating points! Five players tied for second place with impressive 3/4 scores. Joseph Tantsyura, Zihou Dai, Benjamin Hong, Brian Yee and Trey Mancusi-Ungaro were the deserving players that tied for second.

Finally, the K-12 section has its own drama as there were upsets abound! Thomas Sargent defeated the top seed in round 1, his first time defeating an expert. His subsequent win in round two and draw in the final round was enough to secure him clear second place! Meanwhile, Brent McCreesh and Alexander Mayo, 2nd and 3rd seed respectively, has cruised to a perfect 2/2 start. Their final round encounter would decide the winner of the tournament. In a complicated middlegame, Mayo found a spectacular sacrifice to checkmate McCreesh and win the tournament with a perfect 3/3! Cayden Yang, Brent McCreesh and Thomas Schiwek finished in 3rd – 5th respectively.

As always, the atmosphere during the tournament was exemplary as all of the players showed incredible sportsmanship and camaraderie throughout the event. Congratulations to all of this month’s winners!