July K-12 Scholastic Championship


There were 28 players in Sunday's Scholastic Championship. The K-2 section was made of of six participants. Evan Alpert placed first with a total of three points out of four, while Jack Aronian and Benjamin Hong placed second and third respectively, each with a total of three points as well. Themistocles Mancusi-Ungaro came in fourth place scoring two points, and Darby Wellenius scored 0.5 points, earning fifth place.

The K-5 section was composed of twelve people. Becka Kvirikadze clinched first place with a perfect score of four points. Cary Wang placed second with three points, Adrian Godwin and Shaina Mezheritskiy also scored three points, securing third and fourth place respectively. Henry Buczkiewicz achieved fifth place with a score of two points.

Ten players competed in the K-12 section of the championship. Julian Wang attained a perfect score of three points, earning him first place in his section. Emmanuel Hernandez scored two points and placing second, Matthew Liew also scored two points and placed third. Maria Gazoni placed fourth with a score of two points. Finally, Sakura Laporte scored two points at fifth place.

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to all our participants. We hope to see you all again soon!