Saturday G/45 Quads



Today's Saturday G/45 quads hosted 30 players divided into 7 sections. In our first quad Jake Wang came out on top with 2 points; this being the third tournament in a row he claimed the victory in his section! Our second section was won by Aiden Reiss who finished with 2.5 points followed by Jenny Zhu and Jasmine Su who both tied for second with 1.5 points.



Rohan Krishna took first in our third section with 2.5 points followed by Megan Paragua with 2 points. In our fourth section George Bugayev finished with a perfect score of 3/3 points! Also winning all of his games, Kannan Vaidyanathan came out on top in our fifth section!



Connor Wang took first in our sixth section withy 2.5 points followed by Sophie Zhu with 2 points. In our final section there was a tie for first between Kushagra Bhargava and Umar Mansurov who both finished with 2.5 points!



Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to all our participants, we hope to see you again soon!