Sunday G/30 Quads


Today's Sunday G/30 Quads tournament featured six highly competitive quads and an upper swiss section. Starting in Quad 1, CCFC Member Jack Klein returned, placing first with a score of 2.5/3 points! His only draw was in round 3 against CCFC Member Michael Uwakwe. In the second swiss section, CCFC Member Brent McCreesh won his section also with a score of 2.5/3 points! He drew against NY Player Kyle Dong in round 1! CT Player Shailen Smith and CCFC Member Aditeya Das tied for second in the swiss, with both scoring 2/3 points!

In Quad 3, CT Player Niloy Chaudhuri strongly won the section with a perfect score of 3/3 points! In Quad 4, NY Player Andew DeMartino also strongly won his section with a perfect score of 3/3 points. In Quad 5, NY Player Lev Shangin also ended the tournament with a perfect score of 3/3 points! This is also Lev Shangin's first time placing first in his section in the quads, congratulations!


In Quad 6, NY Player Jake Federman tied with CT Player Hamza Seyal. Both came on top with a score of 2.5/3 points, only drawing against each other in round 3! Finally, in Quad 7, there was another tie for first between NY Players Joshua Karpiloff and Liam Pang. Both won their section with a score of 2/3 points! This is also Karpiloff's first ever rated USCF tournament, and Pang's first rated tournament at CCFC! Congratulations to our newcomers on placing first!


Thank you to all of today’s participants, welcome to our newcomers, and congratulations to the winners!