Summer Quads


Saturday was another swiss as well as an exciting three game match between Jack Von Riesemann and Ellen Rosenfeld. In the swiss, Harris was once again the favorite but this time had to face two strong experts Alex Eydelman and Michael Ainsworth. Harris’ tournament life seemed in jeopardy after a middlegame oversight cost him a pawn, however he maintained his cool and generated enough counter play to cause Eydelman to stumble in time pressure. In the final round, it was up to Ainsworth to stop Harris’ run, however an unfortunate early opening mistake gave him an unpleasant position right from the start and Harris capitalized quickly to win the game. Today, finishing in clear second was Alex Eydelman who recovered to win a nice final round game against Matthew Chan.

In the match Jack Von Riesemann looked as though he was going to triumph with a perfect 3/3. However, after losing the first two games, instead of giving up, Rosenfeld fought even harder in the final round to secure a draw against her higher rated opponent.