Summer Quads

July 7th

With many formidable players entering this Summer Quads, we knew that there would be some exciting games to look forward to. In Section one were Hubert Herring, Alex Eydelman, Leo Bykhovsky, and Melvin Patrick. Hats went off to Eydelman who won all three matches plowing straight ahead to first place! Hot on his heels with two points was Leo Bykhovsky who defeated both Herring and Patrick.

In section two Aman Karunakaran, Richard Arnold, Druha Karunakaran, David Childs, Kurt Rubin, and Grant Wang each had their work cut out for them. Going into the final round, Druha had a perfect score and was paired against his brother Aman who was a half point behind. Aman needed to win in order to leapfrog his brother and win the tournament. Aman did just that and finished in first place with a total of 2.5 points winning two games and drawing against Richard Arnold. There was a three way tie for second place between David Childs, Druha Karunakaran, and Kurt Rubin. They finished with 2 points each.