Duel Kight




Tonight’s Duel Knight event featured eight head-to-head matches. The formats ranged from blitz to 30-45 minutes per player, to 60 minutes plus 30 seconds per move increment. 



National Masters Ian Harris and Zachary Tanenbaum battled in an extremely close 73 move game that lasted three and half hours.  Harris eventually won late in the complicated endgame. 



The next few matches were three games of 30 minutes per player with Expert Andrew Dexter taking on Julian Wang, Aurelius Mlynar vs. Cayden Yang, Melvin Patrick vs. Stanley Guttman, and Rich Tanenbaum vs. Wayne Nolan. 



Each match finished decisively with Andrew Dexter, Aurelius Mlynar, and Wayne Nolan each winning 2-1. Melvin Patrick won by an even wider margin of 2.5-.05.  The one G/45 battle of the night was between Jacob Green and Nathaniel Moor.  The two very evenly matched opponents split their games with Moor winning in round one followed by Green making a critical comeback in round two. 



Finally, the last match of the night was between Brent McCreesh and Evan Helman.  The two teenagers battled for a full three hours and completed a whopping twenty three five minutes per player blitz games.  Despite being very closely rated on paper, it was McCreesh who took a commanding 14-2 lead.  Helman managed to recover slightly towards the end, but it was still McCreesh who ended on top with a final score of 16-7.