Summer Quads

August 11th

Saturday's six player swiss was headlined by CCFC member Kurt Rubin. He played impeccable chess and was rewarded with a perfect 3-0 score. Rubin gained 53 points to reach a new peak rating. It's great to see Kurt playing regularly again.

As often happens, the results do not tell the whole story. Let's take a look at youngster Grant Wang's day. In round one Wang played newcomer Jonathan Szeligowski who took an hour long drive for his first visit to the club. Szeligowski was down in time, material and position. But one unsound move by Wang led to an exposed king and checkmate.

In the second round dream teamer Bilal Memon, after missing two chances to grab Wang's unguarded bishop finally took advantage on the third opportunity, but blundered a piece back a few moves later. Wang held on to grab the point.

In the last round Wang agreed to a draw with CCFC stalwart Hubert Herring while being up King & Queen vs King & Knight. The wily veteran frustrated Wang until the youth could see no way to make progress. Endgames endgame endgames!

But through it all Grant showed great sportsmanship,determination and enthusiasm. These traits guarantee a bright future in chess.