Bughouse Marathon

August 13th

Despite a beautiful day, summer camps and vacations, an enthusiastic crowd arrived at the club to participate in our first ever Bughouse Marathon! There were two teams in each division (K-2, 3-5 and 6-8). As it worked out, there were many evenly matched teams and it was impossible to predict which would emerge victorious. Amazingly, a team from the 3-5 division composed of Alex Mayo and Sofia Medina, won the tournament outright scoring an incredible 26/30 points! In second place was "Everyone was all smiles as they finished their pizza and went running back for more bughouse. The day could not have been any better!

Final Standings

1. Algebraic Bughouse Masters (Alex Mayo/Sofia Medina)
2. The People Who Are Going To Beat You (Dominick McConnell/Bilal Memon)
3. The Pawns (Aalok Bhattacharya/Jason Lessing)
4. Burnt Toast (Adam Boczar/Matthew Chan)
5. The Question Marks (Patrick O'Brien/Ted Roberts)
6. Bug Team (Emily Gu/Benjamin Wu)