K-8 Scholastic Championships


This month’s K-8 Scholastic Championships was as exciting as ever! Jesse Chung swept the K-2 section with a well-deserved 4/4 score. Louis Savarese finished in clear second with ¾ and was followed by Jack Cole, Leo Zhang and Mia Kai, and Tony Zhu who all finished with 2.5/4.

Sam Forfang was unstoppable in the K-5 section. He also won with a perfect 4/4! He was followed by Alexander Zhelonking, Daryl Lavin, Dakota Akarlilar and Joshua Handelman who finished 2nd – 5th respectively.

This month’s K-8 was the strongest ever with one 1700 and nine total players rated over 1000. Leo Koganov was the sensation of the tournament, also winning 4/4 and gaining nearly 150 rating points! Luis-Jaime Casenas, Dmitri Efimov Derek Chen and Filip Graham finished strongly behind him. Be sure to join us for our special once a year Goodbye Summer Scholastic tournament on September 1st!