K-8 Scholastic Championships


21 players in three sections participated in this month’s K-8 Scholastic Championships. In the K-2 section, Isabella Hall edged out the competitors with a score of 3/4. The top five finishers were:

1. Isabella Hall
2. Noah Galsky
3. Jeremy Matloub
4. Alexander Tu
5. Rex Lu

This month, the K-5 section was particularly competitive. Matthew Liew was the only player to go undefeated, finishing with 4/4 and a full 1.5 points ahead of the competition! Nathaniel Berman (only 5 years old!) finished in clear 2nd! The top five finishers in the K-5 section were:

1. Matthew Liew
2. Nathaniel Berman
3. Payton Shen
4. Alexander Kupersmith
5. Daniel Greenbaum

Dmitri Efimov was this month’s deserving winner of the K-8 section. Dimitri scored an impressive 4/4! The top finishers in the K-8 section were:

1. Dmitri Efimov
2. Max Ringer
3. Daniel Kleine
4. Anna Argulian
5. Michael Stack