Duel Knight


For this month's Duel Knight we had sixteen players in eight matches battling it out against each other. The longest game of the night was the match between FM Jason Shi and NM Zachary Tanenbaum who played one G/75. After a long even struggle, it was Shi who emerged victorious.

There were several two game G/45 matches. NM Ian Harris defeated NM Mikhail Koganov and Bryan Weisz defeated Brent McCreesh both with scores of 1.5/2. Andrew Carozza won twice against Wendy Cummings. In the battle of the G/30s, Daniel Cooper won two games against super talent Max Lu.

Melvin Patrick and Rich Tanenbaum split their two game match. Meanwhile, Sean McGuinness had a great night winning all three games against Conor Grogan. Finally, in the last match of the night, Gabriel Borges defeated Carl Scovens in their one G/30 game.