K-12 Scholastic Championships


Twenty six contestants competed in our monthly Scholastic Championship.

Our K-2 section was our smallest section with only 4 players. Ethan Kwong and Benjamin Hong placed third and fourth respectively. Hayden Hughes placed second, while Charles Jiang came out on top winning all four of his games.

There were ten players who participated in the K-5 section of the Scholastic Championship. Linnea Shah-Gustafsson, Jason Chen and Cary Wang placed third, fourth, and fifth, all finishing with a total of 2.5 points. Rohan Seth finished second with two wins and two draws while Divij Dogra claimed the victory with three wins and only one loss.

A total of twelve players competed in our K-12 section. Fifth place going to Sahil Vora, fourth place going to Brent McCreesh and third place going to Sakura Laporte.

Julian Wang claimed second with two wins and one draw while Evan Helman took the victory winning all of his games.

Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to all of our participants! We hope to see you again soon!