Saturday G/45 Quads


Today, CCFC had a full house with 5 total quads! First off, there was a three-way tie in the top quad between FM Boris Privman, Cayden Yang, and Ethan Gu.

In the second quad, Jake Wang and MIchael Amori were tied with 1.5 points in round 2. In round 3, a challenging game left in a draw secured their tie for first place!

Another three-way tie materialized in quad 3, between Adia Onyango, Andrew Colwell, and Jasmine Su.

In quad 4, Eric Kennedy fought 3 long and challenging games for a perfect 3 points, securing his victory! Henry Buczkiewicz followed suit in quad 5, with another perfect 3 points, leaving him the victor!

Thank you to all of today’s participants and congratulations to the winners!