Sunday U2200 Online Swiss


This week's online swiss featured 4 club members, Brent McCreesh "Brent_McCreesh", Aurelius Mlynar “VibrantBroccoli”, Stanley Guttman "cyberstan1952", and Adriel Alvarado "alvaradoa". In round one, Brent and Adriel played a long fought game ending in a draw, and Aurelius forced a win against Stanley. In round 2, Brent came back and won against Stanley with the black pieces, and Adriel and Aurelius' game ended in another draw. Finally, in round 3, Adriel managed a win against Stanley, and both Brent and Aurelius played an intense game to decide the winner of this week's swiss. At move 38 of their game, a light-squared bishop endgame was reached. Brent was then able to utilize a 2 pawn advantage in order to win his game and the tournament!

Congratulations to the winner of this week's tournament, Brent McCreesh "Brent_McCreesh"!

Final Round Game